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- For Professional research, for educational use. -

Precision, Reliability,

 Telescopes, Controllers, Control software, and domes are all provided by Nishimura. Our total observatory system helps your observation with accuracies and reliability includes expeditious after support.

 □Precise pointing and tracking
 ■Our original telescope control software"The Master of Telescope"
 □Auto-linked dome control

★ - - ― ―― Telescope Gallary ―― ― - - ★

Science Museum
110cm Equatorial

Hokkaido Unv.
1.6m Alt-azimuth

Nagoya Unv.
1.3m Alt-azimuth
(MOA project,2004)

Unv.of Tokyo
1.0m Alt-azimuth
(Mini-TAO, 2008)

Nagoya Unv.
1.4m Alt-azimuth
(IRSF, 2000)

Kyoto Sangyo Unv.
1.3m Alt-azimuth

1m Alt-azimuth
(satellite tracking)

50cm Equatorial