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         Reliabiilty with 90 years background,
                and proven state-of-the-art performance....


■Telescopes / Solar Telescopes   

telescopes Precision Pointing & Tracking, Flexible design

 ・From educational use to professional research. (40cm~)
 ・Field-proven quality for researches.
 ・Expeditious after support for the troubles.

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■Solar Telescopes

solar telescopes High Resolution for Solar Observation 
 ・From educational use to professional research.
 ・Display systems for spectrograph and sunspot are available too.
 ・Designing specialized telescope for researchers.
   (ex:Hida Obs, Kyoto University)
 ・DAYSTAR Filters' distributor in Japan.

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■Astronomical Instrumentation

CCD Custom-made Specialized Research Instrumentation.

・past: Spectrographs, Large cooled CCD Camera and other instrumentation for universities and observatories.
・Opened to help your development project.

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■Observatory Dome

Dome  The Best Observatory by Telescope Manufacturer.

・Telescope-linked control system, excellent usability!
・Field-proven durability at severe locations.
 (at 5,640m, Atacama desert in Chile.)
・Perfect design adaptation with your observatory plan.
 (Because we have telescopes too)

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