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Nishimura's solar telescope is the best choice for your processional/educational purpose for solar observation. It is designed depends on your purpose. It gives you high resolution visual image with different filters, solar spectrum, or other data from the instrumentation.

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   (ex:Science Museum,Observatory, School)
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For educational use
(Science museum, public observatory, school)
 Our sun is the most related planet to the earth we live. The real time solar display system is one of the most popular exhibit at the science museums and observatories. The sun is showable to the people in daytime, so it is very educationable instrumenation.

Example: Exhibition of solar telescope
■Real-time monitor displays of solar disk with sunspot and prominence *1
■Sun-disk Projection on board at exhibition hall *2
■Solar light spectrum display *3

By using the telescopes with different filters on each, you can show the solar activities fromdifferent point of views through them.

Telescope Examples
Beijing Planetarium …Equatorial folk mount
 (Sunlight is relayed from observatory to 30m below.)
Nagoya City Science Museum… Alt-azimuth mount type *5
Gunma Observatory…Equatorial mount type (official website)

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For researchers
 We design and produce the specialized professional telescope for your research.
Please contact to us if you have anything you wish to discuss.

Example: Solar Magnetic Activity Research Telescope (SMART) 
      at Hida Observatory, Kyoto University
 This domeless telescope is specialized on solar magnetic activity observation with four refractive telescopes.
(Detailed information)

Solar Filters by Daystar Filters

Nishimura Co., Ltd is a dealer of DAYSTAR Filters.
Accurate wavelength shift is available per 0.1Å,and the wavelength band is shown on the display.
Please check and see the specification on DAYSTAR Filters website.

Hydrogen-alpha Filter (Center wavelength: 6562.8Å)
For prominence observation.
The lineup is 0.3Å~0.8Å per0.1Å.

CaII K-line Filter, CaII H-line Filter (Center wavelength: 3968.5Å・3933.7Å)
For Chromosphere observation.  

Neutral Density Filters
Reduce the sunlight for sunspot observation.

Please see DAYSTAR Filters' website for other items.