Corporate History

1890-1900 Started the business with manufacturing and sale science laboratory instruments.
1926 The first Japanese telescope for Kyoto University.
1929 The first Japanese 15cm telescope has delivered.
1932 The Einstein effect observation telescope for Kyoto University.
1936 The Einstein effect observation telescope for Tokyo Observatory (now: National Astronomical Observatory of Japan).
1940 The first Japanese reflecting telecamera has developed for Mainichi Newspapers.
1953 41cm Telescopes for Toyama/Sendai city Observatories.
(The biggest size for Japanese manufacturer at that time)
1959 60cm Telescopes for Tsukahara Gakuen (School).
(The biggest size for Japanese manufacturer at that time)
1960 Relocated the factory, started exportation.
40cm Telescope for Biela Observatory in US.
The telescopes for Harvard, Oxford university.
1963 Incorporated as a company.
Hanjiro Nishimura has assumed presidency.
1977 Licensed for construction.
1980 The first Japanese computer-controlled 40cm Telescope for public facility; Tottori Prefectural Nature house for youth.
1981 Koichi Nishimura has assumed presidency, moved the headquaters to the current place.
1987 Vacuumed solar telescope for Nagoya city Science Museum.
1989 40cm Telescope and 5m Dome for The University of the Philippines National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development.
1995 105cm Telescope and 9m dome for Misato Observatory, Wakayama Pref., Japan.
1998 113cm Telescope for Anan city Science Center, Tokushima Pref., Japan.
1999 30cm Vacuumed Solar Telescope for Gunma Observatory.
2000 1.4m Alt-az Telescope for Nagoya University; in Sutherland, South Africa.
2001 1.0m Alt-az Telescope and 7m dome for Kagoshima University.
2003 Solar Magnetic Activity Research Telescope for Hida observatory; Kyoto University.
2003 12m dome for Nishi-Harima Observatory.
2004 1.8m Alt-az Telescope and 9m dome for Nagoya University, at Mt. John Observatory, New Zealand.
Vacuumed 30cm Solar telescope for Beijing Planetarium, China.
2006 1.05m Alt-az Telescope and 8m dome for National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, at Ishigakijima Observatory, Okinawa Pref., Japan.
1.5m Alt-az Telescope and 9m dome for Hiroshima University at Higashi-Hiroshima Observatory.
2008 1.3m Alt-az Telescopes, 10m dome, Solar telescope, and 4m Dome for Sendai city observatory.
1.0m Alt-az telescope and 7m dome for University of Tokyo, at Atacama desert, Chile. (World Highest Place for Observatory!)
2009 1.3m Alt-az Telescope and 10m dome for Kyoto Sangyo University.
10m dome and sliding roof for Nayoro city Observatory.
2010 Alt-az 30cm Solar telescope and sliding roof for Nagoya University.
2011 1.6m Alt-az Telescope for Hokkaido University.
2014 1m satellite tracking Telescope for NICT.
(National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)
2014 Sliding roof of remote system for NICT.

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